8 Ways to Organize Art Supplies

Cleveland Artist TIffany Southall Urban Landscapes

8 Useful Finds Every Artist Should Know About

  1. Travel Soap Box -holders are great for storing buttons, pins, needles, all kinds of crafts
  1. Buckets– are a good choice to store paint brushes, pencils, markers, and other odds and ends!
  1. Mesh– bags for yarns, fabrics, aprons, smocks
  1. Plastic Containers– stores small paints, watercolors, paint brushes, and other easy to spill materials
  1. Shoe Organizer– great for storing an artist’s odd and ends and are very inexpensive
  1. Baby Wipes-save a few minutes in the day cleaning with wipes
  1. Index Card Case– perfect size for papers, cards, glue sticks, even needles, and screws…
  1. Mason Jars– multifunctional containers to place nearly anything

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