Etsy stores for Artist step by step : Sm.ArTist

Cleveland Artist TIffany Southall Urban Landscapes

Here is a video on how to setup on

I also received these tips that I received from Holly as well

Here a few things to consider when selling work on Etsy:

1. Work, work, work. Keep making new work! Do what you love, develop your style, make and list new work to sell as often as you can. Be true to yourself, find your own voice, don’t worry about what others are doing or selling, if it’s too weird or too cute, trendy, not trendy, just be yourself. Don’t worry about how other people choose to do things, that’s not your concern. Your only concern should be being the best you.

2. Always deliver a great product and excellent customer service. Your customers will appreciate your effort.

3. Fill in you profile, about page and create shop policies. Tell people who you are and stand by your work. Ship orders promptly. People are taking a chance on you, spending hard earned money on you, so you need to build trust because people don’t know you. IF you get ideas from other sellers policies and item descriptions, PLEASE don’t copy word for word. Use your own words and your own voice to sell your work. Tell your own story and describe things in your own unique way.

4. As you begin to sell online, what items are selling for you on Etsy or elsewhere? What items are viewed the most? Review your sales, experiment. Should you build on a collection? Perhaps there are one or two pieces that really garner attention?

5. Use all of your listing TOOLS and tell a story. Have a defined style and clear point of view. Your tools are your photographs, item description, tags, categories, rearrange your shop feature. Use these tools to provide your customer with as much information as possible because they can’t pick up your work and hold it in their hands. SEO, search engine optimization is important. Read up on it.

6. Subscribe to Etsy finds, Etsy Success emails. Read through the Do’s and Don’ts. Read the Etsy Blog. Click through all of the resources on the Get Started SELL page: . These resources are filled with information for you. Etsy has it’s own unique culture. What works for your art elsewhere may not work here.

7. Participate in the social aspects of Etsy (only if you want to). Curate treasuries (collections of work that you like other than your own), use the follow feature(a way to follow people whos style and taste you like), join a team (like-minded people with common goals).

8. Consider free promotional tools like a blog, twitter, flickr, pinterest, facebook, tumblr, etc. Paid advertising is also an option too. All of these types of networks bring traffic back to your shop.

9. Install google web analytics and keep track of your visitors and how they find you. It’s fascinating.

10. Make Etsy a part of your business plan, but don’t make it your entire business. I do a lot of work outside of Etsy and offline so to speak. It keeps things interesting and it balances out the natural ebb and flow of a retail business.

Hope this helps!



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