Arts and culture social agenda:Sm.ArTist

Cleveland Artist TIffany Southall Urban Landscapes

Judson Park Flyer-June 19, 2-4



Arts and culture social agenda:Sm.ArTist


Just reading the Black Entreprise  May 2014 edition with Arnold Donald, CEO of the Worlds Largest Cruise company Carnival……

Why do you see arts and culture as vital part of the social justice agenda?


Artists have always been the truth tellers in our society, in particular African American artist. We have a great legacy in this country of African American artists pioneering  and breaking new ground and very courageously holding a mirror up to society. Tha can be actors like Harry Belafonte ……..So I want to invest more in the art making and creative talent is out there manifesting the issues of our time like the problem of the cradle to prison pipeline. Our own culture is so central to the American narrative. I’m a Southerner  and in the South we tell stories. Giving imagery to words is an important way to tell meaningful stories that have an impact on peoples lives [e,, the environment, criminal justice, and education] So documentary films have become a very important feature in our work. I am a big believer in cultural programs as a means of amplifying the problems…


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