Sm.ArTist : From the workplace to the canvas


I decided to pursue my passion and I wasn’t sure of the challenges that were to come. Its been a battle staying dedicated, motivated, and focused. I have spent more time working in the business and doing research then in business utilizes studio time painting. Then, last week I realized that I need to get back to the basics. Doing the back office work for my businesses would make me an employee and therefore providing the means of a job and not freedom. I have a bigger vision than being an artist with a paint brush and I can not continue to allow the business of being self employed become my job.

This weeks homework for myself:

  1. Spend at least two days (Sunday and Thursday) in the studio painting this week at the 9:00p.
  2. Complete two 20×30 portrait painting this  week (Lamar Parents & Family photo) by June 6, 2014 or complete ten city scapes.
  3. Sell a painting on EBay or Etsy by June 6,2014.

These goals will help me stay focused when the paperwork and deadlines can be a drag. It also will provide me with the time to reconquer the energy that initially fueled this passionate artist’s  creative locomotive.


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